This is a new adventure as some of you have asked about this very subject! When you “adopt” you will be supplying everything (tuition, uniform, boarding, supplies etc.) a student will need to accomplish 1 year at the following. We would be happy to give you a list of students that require help (mostly from the Bride Rescue Program) or we would ask teacher Hellen to make that decision based on need.

Grades 1 – 8 – AIC Kajiado Girls School:
$800CDN per year

Grades 9 – 12 – Secondary School:
$1230CDN per year

Technical School Diploma – 4 years
(Courses to include Business Management, Human Resource Management, IT Diploma, Plumbing, Civil Engineering Diploma, Community Development, Secretarial Studies, Food & Beverage, Electrical Engineering Diploma)
From $4660CDN to $5263CDN per year (includes tuition, uniform, boarding, supplies etc.)

University Degree – 4 years
For Example:
Degree in Law – $6615CDN per year
Degree in Medicine – $10,744CDN per year