Before photos:


We did it!!! All 10 dorms now have new washrooms with TOILETS!! YAY AND SHOWERS YAY!!  They are located inside the dorm at the back so the girls do not have to leave the dorms at night.  Some of you may remember the smell of urine as they were doing their business just on the concrete or in basins as they were too afraid to go to the long drop/pit toilets after dark. What a gift!  Asante Sana to our spearheads Albert, Sue & Jane that donated enough to get this started.  And to Dave & Diane, Dianne and Rotary Downtown Calgary, Rotary Karengata Nairobi for your work in getting this project started.  And we couldn’t have finished with out Rick and Family, Jill, Patricia and each and everyone of you who donated to help the girls.  You are amazing!!

Construction photos:


After photos: